Micronsil 30C

Micronsil 30C is a hydrophobic admixture. It creates permanently waterproof concrete for Plaster, Slab and other masonry work applications. Admixtures have become an integral part of concrete mix design. They undoubtedly increase the durability of concrete and lower its water permeability. Micronsil 30C is used in place of surface applied waterproofing membranes. In cases where seepage and moisture ingress is allowed to continue, unhygienic conditions prevail and deteriorate the building. Micronsil 30C is the perfect cure to stop the transmission of water through concrete.

Chemical Family
 Appearance & Odour
 Product Weight
 Bulk Density (gm/ltr)
Reactive Silicon Dioxide Powder
 Off Whihte Dry Powder, Soil Odour
 Away from Moisture, Extreme Heat
 15 Kg Bag
Environmental Friendly
20 Microns Ltd.

Areas of Application

Features & Benefits

  • No curing process required, saves on cost of water, power & labour.
  • Reduces temperature of walls & ceiling upto 3O⁰C.
  • Provides moisture free roof, walls, plaster & mortar.
  • No additional cement required for polishing.
  • Reduces load of slab and terrace.
  • 30 % cost saving compared to other waterproofing products.
  • 10 % saving on re-bounce material.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Very useful to immediately control the water leakage.

Direction of Use

  • For any kind of construction work, Micronsil 30C+ has single ratio of measurment.
  • Dry mix & add 15 kg Micronsil 30C+ per cement bag. ie. 30 % of the cement.
  • Be it a Plaster, RCC, Foundation, Mortar, Slab, Roofing.


    15 kg bag of Micronsil 30C mixed with 50 KG cement bag with sand (1:5) during dry mix with ideal water cement ration and apply