Waterproofing & Strength in Construction

Why waterproofing is so important and how it can be a healthy investment for structures and Commercial Buildings projects for improved strength?

When we are talking about concrete projects or commercial buildings, we know that these are some of the large-scale projects requiring huge investments and great resources. Mistakes and carelessness is forbidden at this level. Moreover, many lives depend on such projects both during the construction and post construction. Water can cause a huge damage to the construction if not taken seriously. While concrete structures with low strength can face extreme conditions that often degenerate the reinforced concrete in its early stage of service, the commercial buildings are usually under the continuous impact of water ingress and hydrostatic pressure making them vulnerable to the possible and unwanted defects. Both the scenarios can be avoided with the smart move of waterproofing them in their early stage of construction.

Waterproofing solutions provides an extra strength to the architectures protecting them against water penetration, cracking and other damages. This helps in the prevention of the corrosion of the reinforced steel as well. Waterproofing protects many marine installations like locks, bridges, seawalls and wharfs. For commercial buildings, waterproofing can be done in exterior, interior and at the concrete level strengthening the integral system of the building. Giving a reliable and high-end waterproofing to the marine installations and commercial buildings can help them survive and be at their best even in the worst temperature and environmental conditions. Metakrete from 20MCC is one such product which, when mixed with concrete gives extra strength to the structure. Moreover it protects the steel bars from rusting thus improving the life of buildings

It is advisable that building projects and more importantly commercial installations should always be waterproofed and an in-depth attention to the details is required while choosing the best and most suitable waterproofing and strengthening system for your project.



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