How to Waterproof a Concrete Flat Roof for House?

Waterproofing construction can completely change the overall attributes of a concrete flat roof by unlocking its greatest of the potentials! Flat roofs have become a growing trend as these are now in a very popular demand, either for residential purposes or for industrial purposes. However, a concrete flat roof must undergo construction in order to save the concerned structure from water leakage or any other relevant hassle in the future. The constructed area under the flat roof must be protected from any future obstacles such as water penetration, water leakage through cracks, etc.


Henceforth, it is downright important to make use of any efficient waterproofing minerals that can secure your concrete flat roof with utmost protection!One of the most advanced of which is in-fact quite inspired from nature by 20MCC! The surface which is treated by this water repellent product tends to act like a lotus leaf which absolutely repels the water from the surface where Nanosil is applied.


A cement structure’s main characteristic is to absorb water up to 11 litres per sq. m., while a concrete block can absorb up to 22 litres in 6 hours under rainfall influenced by winds of 32 Km/H! In order to avoid such structural damage, such as the Nanosil must be preferred to be used for flat roofs.
This technologically advanced waterproofing product actually works on nanotechnology and thus, its penetrating attribute makes it easier for the user to treat any kind of cracks inside or on the flat roof! Its nano size of 0.000001 mm enables it to infiltrate the area where it is applied as well as into nano-sized cracks which are not visible to the naked eyes.



Here are 10 major benefits of using Nanosil for the purpose of flat roof waterproofing :

    1. You can use this product instantly because of its ‘ready to use’ feature.
    2. You can apply it by the means of brushing or spraying – whatever deems fit to you!
    3. It acts as an effective shield even when it is raining cats and dogs!
    4. It has got the feature of being UV resistant – which shall guard your flat roof against the scorching UV rays of the sun!
    5. Well, here’s the best part – will not affect the appearance and looks of the foundational substrates of your concrete flat roof.
    6. Here’s a scientific surprise for you – it is alkali resistant, which means your flat roof is free from getting faded or discoloured due to alkaline materials! It will just not react to these alkaline materials – how conveniently passive!
    7. It has a tendency to moderate and maintain the temperatures because of its enhanced thermal insulation technology!
    8. The substrate is not choked or is not made completely devoid of the necessary breathing space.
    9. It is of the low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) nature along with being completely solvent-free.
    10. Here’s time for some active prevention – prevents the formation of algae or settling of dirt on the painted surface.
Waterproofing construction for concrete flat roofs using water repellent product can be done while keeping in mind certain vital directions for the use of the same.Read on to find out the various prescribed pointers and directions of use of the Nanosil product, for the roof waterproofing procedure:
  • First and foremost, you must dry up the surface, clean it up and ensure that it is dust free.
  • You should get rid of all the oily and greasy stains from the surface.
  • You should refrain from applying to wet patches or areas or the surfaces.
  • Make sure that you apply product evenly and equally using brush, rollers or sprays that are airless.
  • In case you are using the airless spray, ensure that the air pressure stays between 0.07 to 0.1 N/sq. mm.
  • Abstain from spraying when the weather is too windy or when the surface is in contact with direct sunlight!
  • It is stringently advised not to rub the surface after application of product.

How to Use “Nanosil” Product for Waterproofing Construction: 

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