Our Venture

Our venture

20 MCC stands for more than just for 20 Microns Construction Chemicals. We stand for simplifying waterproofing and making homes leakproof. We stand for exceptional product quality. More than anything, as a division of 20 Microns Limited, we stand for excellence in problem solving and providing technical customer service.20 Microns is India’s largest producer of white minerals and we have empowered our clients with customized products based on their tailored requirements.
    20 Microns

    Offering innovative products in the field of Functional Fillers, Extenders and Speciality Chemicals.

    20 Microns
    Producer of white minerals

    Waterproofing every nuk and corner of your construction

    waterproofing products
    20 microns herbals

    Allowing herbs to heal and pave way for a natural and healthy life.

    20 microns herbals
    the path to natural healing
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Our advantages

Ideas and concepts

We strive towards excellent product quality and creativty to maintain our high consumer staisfaction standards

Highly customizable

We value every customer equally and so bring the products that match the exact requirements without compromising


20MCC products meet the highest quality standards keeping it very affordable to make every dream home is leak proof for years

Easy to use

Our waterproofing are designed in such a way that, no extra skill is required by your construction team to fulfill a task