How to do Terrace Waterproofing for Terrace Garden

Gardens are always beautiful. There are covered with beautiful various flowers. The butterflies flying over plants are one of the coolest and prettiest experiences of God’s creation. But, how about planting a garden on the terrace? Sounds cool right! Of course, it is. But it will be only perfect when you have everything perfect to water it. Terrace waterproofing has to be done well. We don’t have soils over the terrace. But these never affect the growth of plants. We provide everything like soil with polymers. Water can be easily done by waterproofing polymers. All you have to do is just coating. It can be done either on slab/ terrace. Without the coating, it is hard to maintain the garden

But there something to be considered before you plan a garden on the waterproofing terrace. These are following things which are important.

1. Tiles floor, Is it worthwhile gardening:

Tiles look good while after completion at your house. They look polished. It brings a very good beauty to home for sure. But there is something to be considered too. If you do tiles on the terrace, you can’t go for gardening. There is no big logic in it. It is very simple to understand. Those who have plotted to garden in the ground they can definitely go for that. Others in urban cities make sure you don’t do this. The tiles are smooth. Thus, they are easily breakable too. Anything which is heavy get falls from your hand can make it break. This will make waterproof films to come out. In result, there will be leakages. So make sure if you are planning for garden and waterproofing, best do it on concrete. They are hard so it won’t break. Waterproof film won’t come out.

2. Say Goodbye to Bituminous Coating:

Make sure your floor from these. Years back, there was a practice where terrace are treated with a patch. Sometimes with Tar. In northern regions of our country it is called dambar. Some use Bituminous Coating too. If there is any sign of it, break it. The very first thing in waterproofing is applying the coating. The thickness of the coating is not too high. It comes around 2mm. For an easy way to use, the coating can be done like a painting. The polymers are available in liquid forms in the market. Adding up with cement they are perfect to apply. Once after mixing it is applied on the concrete surfaces. The polymers have their own colors. Mixing with cement grab the color of cement to polymers.

3. Polymer coating and concreting:

It takes a few days to coat. After completion of coating, we need to keep it for dry. Drying may take around 2-5 days. Once after this, we go for concreating on the polymer. Concrete is available in various grades. They are in the various range and each has its own uses. Basically from 10-150. Most widely used is M-20. These are a combination of the following things. They are made waterproofing and concrete. Mixed all together in respective proportions. The silicate and Calcium to make compound Calcium Silicate. These compounds give strength and make it user-friendly to this application. This can be applied in similar cases. Suppose for terrace skirting etc. can be used to reduce water leakage.

4. Add fiber net to larger applications:

Larger the plot or terrace, make sure you have fiber nets. It is mandatory. It is like a mosquito layer. That’s how they look or similar. They use for almost these logics too. They are net between two polymer coatings. All you have to do like above. Same procedure. Nothing to change. The only things are once after polymer coating, go for fiber net. Once the fiber net is installed do again polymer coating. Like a sandwich, you have to imagine. Make net between two-layer polymer coatings. One is at the top and other at the bottom. Fiber net can be applied over a larger terrace. It helps to get more strength.

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