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A Complete Guide to Waterproofing Construction, for the Walls and Floors In Wet Areas

Walls and floors in wet areas around the house like the bathrooms and toilets are susceptible to mold and mildew. This all-too-common phenomenon is not only aesthetically displeasing on account of staining and spores but it is also something which causes subtle structural damage. The easy solution to this is suitable waterproofing. If you put […]

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Fixing Large Concrete Cracks in a Drive Way to Protect from Heavy Rain

  Every lovely house has a thriving concrete driveway. Due to its concrete structure, it is very common for it to develop cracks, scaling, crazing and pitting. It is practically impossible to curate crack free concrete structures as concrete has a tendency to crack. Concrete, like every object, expands and shrinks with changes in moisture […]

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How To Deal With The Wall Cracks?

Worried about the wall cracks, Why crack does occur? Cracks can occur anywhere from drywall, plaster or even on the concrete wall. Its unpleasant, an eyesore and nobody will like to have them on the walls of their home or office. Usually, the natural settling of the wall over the period of time causes these […]

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