Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Repair Methods

Basements can either be an asset or value-deteriorating cause to any property. Be it your home, office or shop, a dry & well-protected basement for storage, hobbies and even for extra living or working space is considered to be an asset. Where as a wet & damp basement with unwanted leakages devalues your property becoming a headache to the owners. Hence it is important to undertake a reliable and well-planned inspection for basement waterproofing.

Effective Basement Waterproofing Methods

Basement waterproofing can be done either internally or externally. If required, the combination of both is taken. The majority of basement waterproofing service providers these days claim to offer interior-oriented methods utilizing system approach instead of problem-solving approach. While the interior waterproofing includes well-planned drainage system inside the basement to control the water entering and then pump it back out, the exterior waterproofing technique is the actual basement waterproofing technique in real sense as it does not allow water to enter the basement at all with the installation of proper drainage system and treatment of the walls to prevent the water to enter the basement.

Either let the water in & pump it out or keep the water outside altogether.

While the exterior method can be considered as the waterproofing technique, the interior-oriented method is nothing but just a water-controlling method.

Water controlling or interior waterproofing methods are relatively easy-to-install and may seem cheap but it includes tedious and regular jobs, moreover, it can cost you much higher on the long run than the waterproofing method, which can offer you effective basement waterproofing with full-proof and long-lasting results. Another result-oriented and reliable way to waterproof the basement is by using quality admixtures to permanently waterproof the concrete and thus the walls. Currently, more and more contractors, civil engineers and architects are going for good quality admixtures for concretes to waterproof the walls.

Admixture for Concrete

There are many admixture manufacturers in India offering some of the quality admixtures for concretes. One such highly recommended admixture is Micronsil 30C by 20 MCC. It is a hydrophobic admixture that creates a permanent waterproof concrete for walls, plasters and slabs. It increases the durability of the wall by lowering its water permeability. To know more about admixtures for concretes & preventing the water-leakage in your property.

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