8 Easy Steps to Waterproof Your Bathroom

bathroom waterproofing

Are you keen to protect your bathroom walls and floor from water leakage? Do you wish to waterproof your bathroom yourself using an efficient waterproofing product?

The obvious answer to the above mentioned questions is nothing but a BIG YES! And for that matter, you have arrived to the right place where you shall learn about an easy step-wise procedure for waterproofing your bathroom.

Water proofing is essential in many ways as it shields your bathroom floor and bathroom walls from water leakage that could end up in rotting of your bathroom’s inner structure as well as other kinds of structural damages.

Here are 8 easy steps to waterproof your bathroom in a convenient yet a perfect manner –

  1. Rinse and Clean Your Floor!

The first and foremost thing for you to do is to clean the floor and get rid of any dirt or dust elements. You can do so using a broom and a dust pan along with it.

  1. Apply an Effective Good-Quality Primer!

Begin with the application of primer on the back side corner of your bathroom using a paint roller. Initially, go ahead with it on your bathroom walls up to a height of 20 centimeters followed by applying the primer on your bathroom floor.

  1. Seal the Gaps with Silicone!

Once you are sure that the primer has dried up completely, seal all the gaps that you can find between the floor and the wall using a high quality silicone adhesive product. Make use of a paint scraper to get rid of any excess silicone and then wait for 24 hours to let it totally dry up. Only then you must proceed to the water proofing process.

  1. Use the Masking Tape Now!

Around your bathroom wall, apply the masking tape to the point upto which you desire to do waterproofing. For covering and waterproofing a taller area of your bathroom, you can apply the masking tape at around 1.8 meters that could basically cover up till your shower point.

  1. It is Time for the Waterproofing Agent!

Commence with the application of the waterproofing agent from the back corner of your bathroom. Gradually and sequentially start covering the area spread up to the masking tape.

  1. Grab the Water Proof cement admixture!

Now you have to move on to apply the waterproof admixture to the joints of the walls.

  1. Waterproof the Entire Floor of Your Bathroom!

You heard it right – after covering the floor and the walls with waterproofing membranes, just apply paint on all of the remaining floor spaces and wait for it to get dry for 24 hours.

  1. Apply the Final Hand!

After the previous step, apply one last coating of the waterproofing agent to the floor and the walls. Recall your one-day patience and wait for 24 hours to finally have your waterproof bathroom ready to be used!


In order to achieve fascinatingly desirable results, you can opt for 20 MCC’s “Micronsil 30C” which is a highly effectual admixture for waterproofing purposes. It can immediately control water leakages and is completely environmental friendly! It ensures 30% cost saving when you compare it with other waterproofing products and comes with several other benefits that you can enjoy in the long run.

How to apply Micronsil30C  for bathroom waterproofing? @ Youtube

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